AI combating hiring bias for enhanced diversity
Each year, ERP companies invest millions of dollars in anti-bias training expecting to create an all-inclusive, innovative, and valuable workforce. Studies have proved that a diverse team performs better, is more committed, drives the company to success because of collective intellect, and outshines at making better decisions.
Even though bias is extremely hard to remove, it, however, isn't difficult to disrupt.

Here’s how we’ve got you covered with this eBook that revolves around:
  • Interesting statistics defining diversity & bias hiring
  • Why talent acquisition managers find it challenging to avoid bias
  • Types of hiring bias
  • How bias slithers in a hiring process
  • How AI reduces hiring bias
  • Can RChilli’s parsing solution be a bias disrupter?
Download this eBook if you want to re-define hiring practices in Oracle HCM & PeopleSoft.
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