Automate To Build a Diversely Qualified Team in Oracle HCM

Instinctive hiring is where the recruiters can go wrong. Many may be overseeing how the recruitment practices are plagued by unconscious bias.
RChilli resume parser + Oracle HCM Cloud Profile Import Plugin help the recruiters remove bias early in the first step, i.e., resume screening. Helping the recruiters build a diverse talent pool, the ingenious Oracle HCM plugin powered by deep learning enhances the ability of the recruiters to make an objective-based candidate selection.
The resume parser for Oracle Cloud encourages blind recruiting. This means a recruiter gets to build a workforce that’s selected without any biases like gender, age, color, or race. Hence, the hiring is fair, diverse, and quality centric.
Want to know how you can reach out to potential candidates and build a diverse team in Oracle HCM?

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