How RChilli’s Agile Resume Parser Helps Meet Both Recruiters & Candidate’s Expectations

The expectations of today’s candidates are not limited to high salary and perks. They want the companies to value their time and constantly be in touch with the recruiters throughout the process. While the recruiters struggle skimming through hundreds of resumes daily and introduce errors and biased approaches in their selection processes.

So, what is it that could make their recruitment accurate, fast, and candidate friendly?

Our resume parser’s integration with PeopleSoft 9.2 helps the candidates save valuable time by applying to the job in a click.

The scalable and agile recruitment software also empowers the recruiters and helps them get an accurate and unbiased catalog of candidates who match the skills. With a reduced resume screening process, engaging with the candidates timely becomes a value-addition.

Check out the infographic and know how tapping the right candidate base has never been easier before. 

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