Why Wipro chose RChilli resume parser

Find out why WIPRO chose RChilli?

Why Wipro Chose RChilli?


About client –

Wipro is a Multi-Billion Dollar global Information Technology, Consulting, and Outsourcing company serving clients in 175+ cities across six continents. The employee strength is 154,297 employees and growing.

Wipro is serving companies in all prominent -industry verticals from Aerospace, Banking, Retail, Energy, Hi-Tech and many vital business spheres of the entire world. Wipro has a large number of offices worldwide, which helps the organization stay closer to their respective clients.


Current situation -

Wipro being a Large Enterprise with a presence across the globe, needed a solution that could help their organization in Seamless Recruitment and Hiring of Candidates.

The HR team started to feel the need for Resume Automation, which could read all the Resume Database in an Analytical manner. A candidate had to spend more time filling up a long-form before applying for a Job at all the stages.

This process was manual for both applicants and the HR team, who had to read candidates' resumes. To find the most suitable resume among the huge pile requires a lot of human effort from the HR team.


Aftermath -

RChilli proved to be an expert at the Resume handling process for Wipro. The challenge of the HR team of Manual resume entry was overtaken by RChilli Software, which could insert thousands of resume files in just 1 minute. After integrated into the Website, the Wipro’s applicant life got much easier as RChilli’s Resume Parsing Service automatically filled a long-form. 

The HR team had a huge bulk resume in Gigabytes, which was beyond human effort to read. RChilli’s Bulk Parsing technology solved this; resumes received from Candidates were directly inserted into the database with RChilli Email parsing.


End benefits -

The implementation of RChilli Resume Parser into Wipro‘s recruitment cycle helped HR and Candidates reach the next level of engagement. The quick resume entries increased Candidate submission and, on the other side helped the HR team to analyze resumes based on skills.

The HR team was able to identify suitable candidates now that showed amazing results and reduced the attrition to a small degree. Wipro team could now use the resume data for more analysis that benefit the organization in other verticals other than HR.


Wipro is also using RChilli for the Synergy project to enable complete automation of all Talent Acquisition process for hiring Experienced, Contractual, and Campus Joiners. This can also engage all external recruitment partners like staffing agencies, contractual agencies, and Colleges.

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